Hydra onion Shadow Trading Platform​

Anonymous cryptomarket of the new generation hydra union, operating daily and around the clock, with 24/7 online support, auto-guarantor and automated sale for rubles and bitcoins. It operates almost throughout the territory of the former Soviet Union.

How to order products from Hydra​

The marketplace has a clear and convenient functionality: from registration and current btc /ruble rates to the selection of goods and stores. The search bar allows you to choose your city, it is possible to send a private message. There is a guarantor service that professionally regulates the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Ordering goods from hydra is easier and more reliable than buying in an online store, since the system of sellers is developed in all cities of the world.

On the main page there is an abundance of stores – reliable and successfully operating for a long time. At the bottom of the page is a news section with daily updated topical information. You can learn a lot of interesting and useful things.

Hydra official website and mirrors​

The Hydra website is handwritten from and to, as we learned – it took more than a year to write the code. Five years have passed since the beginning of the Hydra forum, hundreds of mirrors have appeared, but there has been no information about hacking, data leakage or loss of bitcoins. It can be argued that the site is reliable and safe. Even if hydraruzxpnew4af.onion fell at one address, which is due to blocking by the regulatory authorities of the countries, hundreds of mirrors are working at the same time!

About the product and prices, it really worries every customer and potential buyer. Hydra has such a diverse assortment that it will satisfy the needs of almost any client. There is everything there: documentation for all cases of CTP; driver's licenses; excise stamps; diplomas of educational institutions; debit cards of all existing banks; obtaining citizenship; SIM cards of all telecom operators; many schemes of various earnings... And this list can be continued for a long time. Plus a large selection of narcotic and psychoactive substances, amphetamine, marijuana, hashish, ecstasy, cocaine and so on. Those interested can familiarize themselves with the full range.

Prices on the hydra trading platform​

Regarding prices, we can say the following. Today, the cost of goods is quite acceptable, but in the near future, according to forecasts, prices will undergo changes - in the direction of further reduction of price tags. This is due to the steady increase in the audience and the frequent appearance of new Hydra managers, which entails a competitive struggle to attract customers.

Buyers are protected by an auto-guarantor. What does it mean? Every transaction executed on the site is immediately automatically "insured". Disputes are resolved with the participation of a representative of the administration.


The Hydra trading platform is a truly powerful multi-headed giant. It affects all areas of shadow business, its focus is almost impossible to determine, the geography of distribution is the greatest, the volumes are enormous, while the site does not have a specific audience.

Of course, such a giant, with ambitions of everything and everything, is extremely noticeable on shadow forums and attracts the most diverse audience. It is possible that such an irrepressible thirst to cover everything and in colossal volumes can result in something unpredictable and unpleasant. But it's not for nothing that it's called Hydra, if you cut off one head, two will grow.

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